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Could you use a technology broker?  Call MainBoard for your expanded opportunities that are not within your specialty but you have a need. 

We pay referral fees as well as complete revenue share partner programs.  

Buying something just isn't that simple when you have numerous vendors to choose from along with many features and capabilities you seek.  

MainBoard has been in the business of tech virtualization and modernization for 16+ years.  Along with that comes the ability to work with carrier vendors, place RFPs, filter quote requests, bids and help clients implement projects from start to finish.  

MainBoard offers IT & Telecom brokering, consulting, full design, complete outsourcing to project management on three pricing models: No Fees, Hybrid or Mid-Tier and Complete Suite.

No Fees

When we broker a provider through unbiased bidding, we secure payment through a broker model just like other industries.

Hybrid or Mid-Tier Consult

Our consulting can involve free time; free project design when combined with other aspects of business wherein we receive consult fees or consult fees in lieu of cost savings; audit savings

Complete Suite

When a full plan, logistics and roll out are needed over the course of months; MainBoard has successfully handled hundreds of client needs, orders, upgrades, repairs, services, downgrades and many more duties as the outsourced CIO or CTO department.